Smt. Basanti Hembram

Hon'ble Minister of State (Ind.Charge)

Smt. Shubha Sarma, IAS


Shri Aravind Agrawal, IAS

Director ICDS & SW

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Anganwadi Engagement Portal

About us
Odisha Government’s Department of Women & Child Development & Mission Shakti has taken a new initiative under the ambitious 5T Programme. The WCD Department, being primarily responsible for undertaking engagement and disengagement of Anganwadi Workers & Helpers, follow a defined process as stated in the guidelines. The manual process starting from creation of vacancies, issuing public notification, receiving applications and scrutinizing are some of the major activities before the final engagement is issued.
Considering the benefits of technological interventions, this portal is developed to automate the tedious engagement process for efficient management of activities. This portal primarily constitutes of the following modules: Vacancy Management, Engagement Advertisements, Online Application, Applicant Scrutiny & Selection, Issuing engagement & disengagement. This portal would be exclusively useful to retrieve detailed information about Anganwadi Workers & Helpers, their engagement and disengagement status, ensure process transparency and enable ease of work. The applicants can apply online by filling their relevant details for a vacant position and track the application status in their respective logins. Verification and scrutiny of applicants, managing objections and compliance, candidate marking and approval are the features of the portal that help in automation of the current process involving plenty of paperwork. Such a robust system would help in exploring better dynamics in E-Governance and to make sure better outreach of the department initiatives to the masses.